Joanna's Book Club

Book of the Month

A really thought-provoking book that will make you question everything you thought you knew.  It was enlightening and full of a-ha moments!  Fantastic. 

The Seat of the Soul

A fabulous book by Gary Zukav!

Angel Numbers

by Kyle Gray, this is an amazing reference book! A handy pocket guide to numbers and the daily messages that our Angels are trying to convey to us.  Really practical and easy to read, I use it everyday!


"Signs, the Secret Language of the Universe" by Laura Lynne Jackson is a comforting, reassuring and love-filled book. Filled with genuine stories of people who have connected with their Loved Ones on the other side, or have received messages from their Spiritual Helper Team, I felt warm and fuzzy all over.


Dr. Josh Axe shows us how to care for our bodies with education, ease and enlightenment. I learned a lot!!

Rise Sister Rise

An amazing bible for ladies' empowerment, this book by Rebecca Campbell is a beautifully written book for women to Rise and be the goddess they are. I loved it!

Many Lives Many Masters

Many Lives Many Masters" by Dr. Brian Weiss is a classic book to learn about reincarnation in an interesting and soulful format. It is a powerful book that will give you absolute proof that our souls never die.

Sacred Self Care

by Chloe Isadora, amazing everyday tips to take excellent care of ourselves.

Forest Bathing

A terrific read to understand how we are nature, not in nature. Easy to understand book on how we can all boost our health by spending time in nature, regularly.


This is my ultimate GO-TO-COOKBOOK when I want something amazing that is healthy and will impress my family & friends. One of my fav's!


A jam-packed book containing so much info I was astounded at how seemingly easy it was to adopt these everyday lifestyle boosting tips. NICE.

Oh She Glows

OMG I could eat up the pages they look so good. Who knew that eating well was super easy? I loved the layout of this book and it's lovely photographs. Yum.

Metaphysical Anatomy

WOW; what a comprehensive book to have handy. This is the future of medicine. Easy to understand and conceptualize the healing of yourself or someone else.


A timeless book that incorporates everything you need to live a healthy, long life. Easy to understand, it makes common sense!